The Menace of Corruption in Pakistan

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8. MENACE OF CORRUPTION – MAJOR IMPEDIMENT IN GOOD GOVERNANCE Introduction 1. The word corruption is derived from the Latin word corruptus which means, “to break”. In the layman use, corruption means, the misuse of delegated power for personal gains. National anti-corruption strategy (NACS) has defined the corruption as; “A behavior on the part of the office holder in the public or private sector whereby they improperly and unlawfully enrich themselves or those close to them or induce others to do so, by misgiving the position in which they are placed”. Theoretically, it is a behavior that deviates a person from established values, principles, conventions and laws. It is usually divided into three broad categories i.e. petty, grand and political corruption. The petty corruption is linked to the low down salaried class. Also, sometimes referred as ‘facilitating payments’, the reason for this type of corruption is to fast track the clerical procedures. Generally, in low income societies this sort of corruption is somehow acceptable, as it is perceived a necessity to fulfill the legitimate needs. The grand corruption is related to upper class of the society usually high level administration. The greed and lust for power are the basic stimulus for this type of corruption. As it the corruption of the strong and influential class, it requires very strict accountability laws to stop the grand corruption. The political corruption is associated to policy makers, usually the
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