The Men’s Wearhouse: Success in a Declining Industry

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Course: 201230 Summer 2012 BUSI 342-B06 LUO Human Resources Management Assignment: Collaborative Learning Group Project Case: HR-5 The Men’s Wearhouse: Success in a Declining Industry Team Members: [Group 3] Justin Carr Nichole Thompson Nickala Major Roni Garrett Submitted: July 2, 2012 Respectfully submitted to: Dr. Daniel Gilbert Abstract The clothing retail industry has faced challenges that few have overcome; those that do have developed innovative managerial practices to inspire their human resources and empower their ability. Men’s Wearhouse mastered the niche; however, faced with their expanding growth, new challenges crop up and demise lurks. Men’s Wearhouse specializes in men’s apparel and custom tailoring. They have…show more content…
Employees should continue to receive healthy, internal promotion incentives, but the company must balance the stagnant potential tendencies with external hiring. Outside recruitment sources must be utilized and aligned with company policy. Diverse recruiting and hiring enables fresh input to stabilize proven methods and practices. Men’s Wearhouse should adopt small corrective measures to avoid an unhealthy trend of internal promotion and seek external employment sources as check and balance; especially in the realm of management. The ideal manager is one who is knowledgeable about the business and understands how to fairly treat all employees (Greenleaf, 1996). An effective training program could offer significant improvements in performance by including comprehensive needs assessments, employing appropriate training methodologies, and anticipating factors beyond the actual training event that will help to influence the transfer of skills from the training environment to the work environment (Wagonhurst, C, 2002). Company growth has generated slight misalignment of hiring and recruiting goals. In spite of the company’s avowed emphasis on hiring for basic personality and skills, rather than for experience, this policy was not always followed. In part that was because the regional and district managers did not really get it in a fundamental way. Under pressure to fill positions

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