The Mental Condition Of Bipolar Disorder

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When interviewing the client, JD, he explained how important it is to have the “right” attitude about yourself and life if you are a person who is living with a chronic condition. JD happens to have a treatable condition that affects his mind. Bipolar I Disorder, as the DSM-5, specifies, is a mental condition in which doctors do not fully understand. Through the more recent years doctors have gained understanding therefore able to treat the disorder more effectively. What they do understand is that it is a genetic disorder, it affects the moods and can impact an individual to be at a very high mania to a low depression. This spectrum can greatly affect a person’s life and the relationships they have with others. According to the DSM 5,…show more content…
JD describes this experience in the interview as a very religious experience. “I believed I was hearing from God and he had given me meanings to things others could not see.” JD explains that others around him noticed his odd behavior even though he did not think him as acting odd because he had an explanation for why he was doing everything he was doing. He describes this time as very frustrating and lonely. “I felt like no could understand me.” After JD left the hospital, two weeks later, he was still have manic thoughts and experiencing depressive moods. He was self admitted to an inpatient care facility where he stayed for another 3 months out of concern for his safety and safety of others. JD says he hated that part. The facility was full of people that were a lot “crazier” then him, he says “it was not a good environment for me to be in in tht state of mind, if it did anything it taught me how to fake being happy so I could get out of there, because being locked up with those people made me feel worse then when I went in.” After he came out of the hospital things didn’t become normal for him until about three months after that. For the next almost nine years he was fine having normal moods accourding to the situation and living life. He found a career , got married to his wife and lived with her in a apartment not far from where he was attending college at the time the second episode
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