The Mental Condition Of Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar disorder is a mental condition once known as manic depression. It is a condition that causes an individual to have mood swings which can cause them to feel depressed at one moment and the next their mood is elevated and they feel as if they can conquer the world. There is no significant evidence to state what causes bipolar disorder but bipolar disorder can be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, from a stressful experience, or by a physical condition. Although bipolar disorder can trigger from any of these possibilities, bipolar disorder is commonly genetic and can run through the family tree. “About 1 in every 100 adults has bipolar disorder at some point in their life. It usually starts between the ages of 15 to 19 - and it rarely starts after the age of 40. Men and women are affected equally.” (RC Psych) Client Ralph Negron is a 60-year-old male from Bayamon, Puerto Rico; Mr. Negron was born and raised in Puerto Rico in a middle-class family. Mr. Negron-Siejo has worked as an electrician for 20+ years and has recently retired due to mental disabilities. Mr. Negron has been divorced four times and has recently remarried. Mr. Negron has 3 siblings two sisters and one brother who has passed away; Mr. Negron-Siejo expressed this loss to be very traumatic. Mr. Negron has also lost his father and his mother has suffered severe cerebral damage from several strokes. Mr. Negron also has three children who are grown and live on their own and has one grandchild. Mr.
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