The Mental Evaluation Of Gacy Essay

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Gacy reached out to one of his employees, and convinced him to find the boy he had sexually assaulted, and beat him until he does not want to testify. After being beaten the boy called the police and Gacy’s employee was arrested. While in police custody he admitted to being told by Gacy to assault the kid. This charge was added onto Gacy’s case. After this incident the court decided that Gacy should be given a mental evaluation. He was examined over a 17 day period and the doctors diagnosed him with antisocial personality disorder. There was no treatment for his condition so there is nothing that anyone could do. The doctors also came together and decided that he was sane enough to stand trial. Gacy went to trial for his crime, but denied the other accusations of sodomy against him. After saying that it was the boys fault because he was sexually curious, Gacy was sentenced to 10 years in prison. The day he was convicted his wife filed for divorce and for custody over their two children. She was given custody and the divorce papers were finalized. Despite not graduating high school, Gacy thrived in prison by being intelligent. He got in increase in pay for all the inmates, and oversaw projects in the prison that benefited the living condition of the inmates. The most notorious project was the instillation of a miniature golf course. In June 1970, after serving 18 months in prison Gacy was let out of prison on parole with 12 months’ probation under the conditions that he move
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