The Mental Growth Of A Person

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difficult to explain.
Quantifying the mental growth of a person, therefore, is a real problem. It is difficult to say when and at what stage a person becomes mentally mature. By subjecting an individual to certain tests and testing situations, we may arrive at certain conclusions, but we cannot be sure how accurate our conclusions are.
We have very complex personalities, because of which it is really difficult to control our behavior all the time. However mature and diligent we are, at times we are bound to come under the influence of our emotions and act immaturely. There are many physical, mental and environmental factors, which play upon our emotions and incite our behavior. This is very human and normal. In a way it is also necessary, because we need to let out our emotions occasionally and provide a safe outlet for our pent-up frustrations and disappointments in life.
Each of us has a child inside us, formed out of our childhood experiences. It remains active, even after we become adults. Temperamentally, it is unstable, immature, emotional and also highly creative. Although it is a relic of our past, it is an essential and important component of our personalities. Even after we become adults, it continues to play a significant role in shaping our lives and behavior. Since it is filled with emotions, it requires some caring and nurturing on our part, so that we will not feel dull and depressed. It also needs to be kept under control so that we will not act irrationally…
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