The Mental Health Counseling Is A Field Of Great Opportunity And Great Responsibility

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Clinical Mental Health counseling is a field of great opportunity and great responsibility. When counselees walk into the therapist’s office, they are often at one of the lowest points of their lives, bringing with them a lifetime of hurts, questions, and crises. The counselor’s view of the Gospel must be full enough to encompass the life of the hurting person. In those moments, a counselor will rely on years of hard work and discipline to make decisions that impact a person for life. A counselor must be prepared to do everything right yet still have the client walk away gaining nothing. Biblical counseling requires excellence in mind, personal discipline, and compassion, driven by a desire to glorify God and faith in His grace and sovereignty. There is nothing like Biblical counseling to see the Gospel work.
Personal experience
Working with people
Because I believe so strongly that God is calling me to this type of ministry, I want to say that I am a qualified candidate for this position, but I am also greatly aware of how I personally fall short of such a high standard. I do believe that God has shaped my past experiences, personal qualities, and hopes for the future to prepare me for His this calling. For example, I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing ministries that have taught me the responsibility and joy of working with hurting people.
Over the years, I have had the privilege of working in the pro-life field in various capacities. My freshman year, I
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