The Mental Health Field Of Social Work

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Kathleen M. Gilbert is a social worker for Little Flower Children and Family Services in Jamaica, New York. Ms. Gilbert works in the mental health field of social work as a psychotherapist part time where she provides counseling and emotional support on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays in the late afternoons and evenings. Alongside social work, Ms. Gilbert is an instructor at Nassau Community College. She has been employed at Nassau Community College and Little Flower Children and Family for ten years. She found out about the agency through a friend that was already in the business of social work. Beginning her college experience, she started out double majoring in both the field of public health and French, after her bachelors she was able to receive her master’s in public health. Desiring a change, she got her masters in social work and was grandfathered in as a LCSWR. At one point, she was also grandfathered in to be a CASAC, which is a credential for substance abuse and alcohol counseling, and aided clients through all aspects of addiction and dependency. Her time as a CASAC was done through a community organization and she was the chairperson of the Brooklyn committee of alcoholism. Aside from providing psychotherapy services, she also gives referrals for adjunct services and makes home visits. Although she is no longer in the public health field directly, she has used her knowledge of counseling and education in public health to aid her in social work. Ms. Gilbert
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