The Mental Health Guide : Steps And Overcome Depression

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The Mental Health Guide: Steps to Overcome Depression Almost 20 million people in United States suffer from depression symptoms every year (Finger 1). Depression is mood disorder that affects how people feelings, thoughts, and their overall sense of well-being. People who suffer from depression typically experience intense feelings of sadness, anxiousness, guilt, hopelessness, and suicidal thoughts. Suicide is the third cause of death for Americans under the age of twenty-one (Gomez and Duman 1). Majority of suicides have an underlying cause of untreated depression or inefficiently treated depression. In order to overcome depression, the person experiencing these challenges should start a recovery process that consist of receiving care from an outside source, gaining control over adverse thoughts, and increasing involvement in social activities. Although, the process of recovering from depression is a grueling, lengthy one, the most pivotal part is seeking care from a professional. An important component of someone overcoming depression is recognizing that they need support and reaching out to other people for assistance. The first step to recovery is for the person to realize that they cannot fix their depression alone and that they will need care from a professional. Furthermore, the person will need have an open-mind to the idea of recovering and changing their thought process. The dilemma that most people experience with seeking treatment for depression is that they
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