The Mental Health Program For Messiah

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I recently just read a book for a crisis counseling class, as part of the clinical mental health program for Messiah. Chapter 1, in the book Healing From Trauma, was entitled “Shit Happens.” The chapter spoke about traumatic events and why terrible things might happen to people. The chapter stressed that we are flawed humans that live in an imperfect world with little control over unexpected events in our lives. Unexpected deaths, war, terrorists attacks, and fatal illnesses, all strike without warning. After working in the mental health field for several years, part of my job as an intensive case manager is facilitating crisis assessments on individuals who present in the emergency room (ER) and endorse suicidal ideation. Virtually all people who I have assessed and are genuinely suicidal with high risk mainly report major depressive disorder as their primary mental health disorder. Many of these individuals also have a previous history oftrauma as well, whether physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. I believe many of the serious mental illnesses (SMIs) that people develop over their lifetime are a result of some sort of trauma that happened either as children or young adults. There are even consumers who come through our agency looking for services, who have been licensed therapists, doctors, or lawyers, but have hit a mental health breaking point, because of the vicarious trauma they have developed over their career. A consumer, I once worked with, served in…
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