The Mental Health Service Act

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Mental health illnesses have been around since interrelated relationships have been present in society. The treatment of this illness has evolved immensely throughout history. Early on, those who were mentally ill were demonized and thought to be an all mighty evil, which had the ability to be passed on to others. Due to this ideology, many people shunned, and banished those who were thought to be mentally handicapped. In order to protect society from these “beasts” many people imprisoned mentally ill individuals and were stripped of the ability to live their lives. Fortunately, as society progressed and different ways of treating the mentally ill were established through scientific advancements. Along with these advances, treatment for the mentally ill needed to me formalized and neutralized throughout society. Many forms, or policies were made through the formalization process. One of those forms, which will be discussed in these pages, is “The Mental Health Service Act.” Recent studies have reveled that 1 in 3 Americans have or have had a mental illness. That is 32.4% of Americans every year (Grohol), with women being more likely to be diagnosed with a mental illness than men with 23% of women versus 16.9% of men (ABC News). Due to the affects that result from mental illness, individuals struggle to live a normal life and have an everyday life routine. Due to this, many struggle with acquiring and maintaining suitable employment and earn a decent living. As a result from…

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