The Mental Health Treatment Of Australia

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In the Mental Health treatment we can distinguish two different approaches to patient treatment, this is known as models of treatment, firstly we have a medical model, and secondary we a using person recovery model. To understanding of recovery in Australia, we have to acknowledge that is heavily influenced by recovery research and literature from the USA, Canada and New Zealand It is suggested that the term “recovery” has been adopted in Australia from the late 1980s (Lakeman, 2004, p.212; McGrath et al., 2007). It has become popular in mental health discourse and influences policy directives and service delivery initiatives (Meehan et al., 2007; Rickwood, 2004; Slade et al., 2008). Medical model in the mental health mostly concentrates on the treatment of the physiological aspect of illness, this model is used at the inpatients admissions, by psychiatrist overall in the clinical /medical settings. There are many definitions of term “Medical Model” many of them suggested that it is a scientifically proven process, concentrates on the treatment of the symptoms, is not client centred, and medical professionals are in charge of making and presiding with consumer treatment plan , some professionals also describe the medical model as the Western approach to illness. When we talking about mental health recovery we will take under consideration not only medical model but also the effect of psychotherapy, and person-centred model of recovery. Recovery in the mental health is
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