The Mental Illness Has Great Effects On The Family Members Of The Adults

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Bipolar disorder, a manic-depressive illness, is a brain-disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and also the ability to carry out normal tasks on a daily basis. A mental illness has great effects on the family members of the diagnosed and of the children of the diagnosed. Children are susceptible to emotional abuse from bipolar parents and usually parents that are diagnosed with bipolar disorder have suffered from abuse themselves. This abuse that is passed on for generations creates a cycle. Families and children of the diagnosed are put in various different situations that can be difficult to deal with on a daily basis. One of those situations would be abuse from the bipolar parent. Abuse is defined…show more content…
Bipolar I Disorder is defined by manic or mixed episodes that last at least seven days, or by manic symptoms that are so severe that the person needs instant hospital care. Usually depressive episodes occur as well, which typically last at least two weeks. People with bipolar disorder experience intense emotional states that occur in different periods of life called mood episodes; these episodes can be categorized in two different states: the frenzied state or the hopeless state. The frenzied state is also called a manic episode and the hopeless state is called a depressive episode. To be an unfit parent, a parent has to participate in abuse, neglect, or failed to provide proper care for their child. Also, a parent with a mental disorder or addiction to alcohol or drugs may be found to be unfit to care for their child. Emotional abuse takes toll on the one being abused, this abuse is not like physical abuse; the people doing the abusing may not even know it is happening. Signs of emotional abuse include: humiliation, domination, accusing, blaming, emotional detachment, emotional abandonment, or neglect to the one being abused (Bogdanos). Psychopathology is a mental disorder or mental illness; children that suffer from long-term emotional abuse can develop this as an adult. A stable life is essential for a child, it involves a routine to which they can stick to and maintain a healthy life, without a routine they will not learn
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