The Mental Models Chapter Of Meaningful Learning With Technology Helped Me Understand The Complex Thinking Involved With Creating Mental

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The Mental Models chapter in Meaningful Learning with Technology helped me understand the complex thinking involved with creating mental models. John Hattie claims Concept Mapping has a .57 effect size. Any strategy or program above .40 has a positive effect on student learning, making it value-added. I wanted to represent visually where Avon High School is working and then determine, with the cognitive aid of mind mapping, where I could focus my work and the work of our students. I prefer writing as the means to process my thoughts because I don’t know where I will end up in my thinking when I begin working on an assignment. This assignment forced me to think and process what I was reading and learning without the aid of writing and then visually to represent my thoughts. This required more certainty; I had to move to concretes and specifics more quickly than writing requires. The writing process for me is to think and question, read, think, write, ask questions, read, and write more before I begin the editing process, which frequently requires me to begin move through the writing process again. This project was similar, but instead of writing, I jotted down key phrases and ideas, reworking them as I read, thought, and questioned. And just like writing, I had no idea where I would end up with this assignment. Also like writing was my heavy use of the delete key. As I tell me students, all unnecessary words must be replaced by le mot juste. Creating graphical
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