The Mental, Social And Physical Health Impacts On Australians Living

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1.0 Introduction
This paper will provide an overview on the mental, social and physical health impacts on Australians living in rural areas. There are many factors contributing towards the disadvantages of living in remote areas, there is inadequate access to services in rural areas such as education, health facilities, jobs, environmental and geographical factors, and social isolation (Francis, 2005). Adequate health services are seen as a basic human right yet those living in remote areas have very limited access to these services (Francis, 2005). The population of Australians living in remote areas are in worse health conditions than those living in major cities (Francis, 2005). Those living in remote areas are said to experience many health difficulties such as higher mortality and morbidity rates for some diseases, higher exposure to workplace injuries, socioeconomic disadvantages and inadequate access to health services than those living in the metropolitan areas (Francis, 2005). Health determinants that contribute to the decline of health in Australians living in isolated areas will be discussed. 2.0 Living in isolation as a health determinant
Rural communities undergo many challenges such as social, economical and cultural, all of which impact on the viability of the community (Francis, 2005). “Globalization has indirectly resulted in the decline of the rural sectors, net loss in circulating money and changed demographics”(Francis, 2005). In rural areas,…
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