Essay on The Mental World of Christopher Columbus

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The Mental World Of Christopher Columbus

Supported by Spain, seeking a water route to the spice islands in 1492 Christopher Columbus left Spain on his first voyage. After more then a month had passed, the crew started to loose all hope and the voyage seemed like a failure. Until on October 12, 1492 land was sighted. The land that was sighted was not what Columbus had originally intended to find. Columbus landed in the Caribbean Sea in the Bahamas, which was thousands of miles away from his original destination. It was there that he met the indigenous people of the islands. These encounters that he had along with the treatment of these native people would eventually help shape his legacy, but at the
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Columbus gained a lot from the ancient Greek geographers like Ptolemy and Marinus and medieval Muslim Geographer alFarghani. In source three which is a biography from Columbus son, describes what Columbus was actually reading and hearing, it states that “Turning to the reasons which persuaded the admiral to undertake the discovery of the Indies, I say there were three, namely, natural reasons, the authority of writers, and the testimony of sailors.” ( Ferdinand, 281 ). Which states that that there were three things that influenced Christopher Columbus to discovery the Indies, and one of those tings were the authority of writers, or in other words the inspiration of writers. Columbus learned the names of Cathay ( North china) and Cipango ( Japan) From Marco Polo.

As a young boy Columbus tried to spend a lot of time with his father, who was a weaver, later Columbus became interested in sailing and he eventually became a sailor on the Mediterranean. Columbus made his first real voyage, which was to the Aegean island of Chios, in 1475. A year later he lived through a shipwreck off Cape St. Vincent and swam ashore,In 1476 Columbus made his way around to where his brother was located and eventually became a chart marker like his brother. By the time columbus had reached middle age he had become a master sailor in Portugal. He was influenced by
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