The Mentally Ill Offenders Should Be Held Accountable For Their Actions

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Do you believe that the mentally ill should be held accountable for their actions or do you believe that they shouldn’t be punished for being mentally ill? They 're many different mental illnesses/disorders where each one causes an individual to act and function a certain way, leading them to homicidal and suicidal. Some mental disorders are anxiety disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders and even psychosomatic disorders. Many people have a different perspective about this. They believe that the mentally ill offenders should not be held responsible for their actions for precise reasons but I believe that the mentally ill offenders should be held accountable for their actions. People that have mental disorders and illnesses tend to become homicidal meaning that they will murder people if they don 't get the right treatment to control their actions. In the article Mental illness behind killing, ""None of this would have happened but for her chronic descent into mental illness," Mr. Brady said" (Louise Hall, Nov. 26, 1014). Fiona Barbieri is a finance worker and a single mother of a son. Her son, Mitchell murdered a police officer. During the hearing at court, it was said that she was a high functioning women with no criminal record but in 2008, she developed late-onset chronic paranoid schizophrenia. This made her delusional. Due to her mental issue, her son Mitchell stabbed the detective twice. Later in the case, they find out that Mitchell also has a case of
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