The Mentoring Program At Huntsville

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RAYBEN Mentoring Blueprint Introduction

The RAYBEN Mentoring Program at Huntsville, AL is a tailored program that extends the ability to inspire career development and facilitate academic growth. The key objective is to enrich both the mentor and mentee through the exchange of personal experiences, wisdom, guidance, and understanding. The immediate expansion of knowledge, skill sets, networking opportunities, and personal growth are key components to be obtained by mentees. The achievement of networking opportunities, feedback and scholarship are fundamental aspects that RAYBEN recognizes as a key benefit to the prospective mentors. The overall mentor-mentee relationship will allow perspective and vision to be recognized
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Each mentor will receive a reference check from the selection committee. The reference check will include a referral and application review, which will be the responsibility of the mentor to present to the selection committee prior to the mentee matching processes. All mentors will be required to attend periodic mentor group meetings for collaborative feedback. Initial contact with a mentee must be made by a mentor within 1 week of the assigned pairing notification.
Mentor training will be completed by all new mentors and maintained for all current mentors. Training documentation and instruction will be provided electronically or manually through the support of the program selection committee.

The Roles and Responsibilities of a Mentee
The mentee is the absorber of the knowledge provided by the mentor and should demonstrate the desire to receive and utilize what has been provided. The mentee will be the lead in determining what type of guidance is needed. He or she will maintain the active responsibility of their learning and development through the management of expectations and communication.
Mentees of the program will include second semester Freshmen and above that attend a 4-year College or University. The student will be required to submit all program criteria and must be selected by the RAYBEN selection committee. The selection committee will base selection on the thoroughness, legibleness, and overall content of the
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