The Merchant Of Cool By Barak Goodman And Rachel Dretzin

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“The merchant of cool” is 2001’s special documentary of PBS frontline on culture and mass media, which was produced by “Barak Goodman and Rachel Dretzin”. This documentary explores the heavily dependence of youth on the mass media. This documentary is about the selling and buying of cool. In America mostly consumers of cool are teenagers. In a certain year, hundred billion dollars of their own money spend by the teen agers. While teens influence their parents and fifty billion dollars were additional spend by them. Film studies revealed that, there is relationship among mass media, who frequently sales cool and teenagers. Throughout the film this relationship discussed. Some people affirms that desires and wants of teens expressed by the media. On the other hand, some people believed that, to earn profit, media has created a cool market. Conclusion of this film revealed that many people believed that media and teenagers are in a loop of feedback. It is believed that purpose of this feedback loop has to blend the teen culture and real culture. By blending these two cultures to make a new single culture. No one can determine that which culture will be more influenced. Conglomerates like Viacom, Walt Disney, Vivendi Universal, News Corp and AOL Time Warner, these are some media giants. These media giants own these products and often sold these products to the teenagers. Marketing methods of different companies were studied and researched from these conglomerates throughout this…

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