The Merchant Of Venice As A Tragedy

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The Merchant of Venice, written by Shakespeare, is a complicated play that has controversy themes. There are some analysts that argue this play is a comedy. On the other hand, other analysts will argue the opposite, and see the play as a tragedy. Both of these themes have strong arguments and can be supported with many examples throughout the play.
Despite the fact that The Merchant of Venice has characteristics of a comedy, it is also considered a great tragedy because of the terrible way Jews are treated and looked upon by the Christians, Shylock’s refusal to show mercy to Antonio which ultimately leads to his own downfall, and the lack of seriousness when it comes to the relationship of love between the characters. The first example of a tragedy is the way the Christians treat the Jewish people. Shylock recalls the many times Antonio has treated him badly. He states, “Signor Antonio, many a time and oft In the Rialto you have rated me about my moneys and my usances. Still I have borne it with a patient shrug. You call me misbeliever, cutthroat dog, and spet upon my Jewish gaberdine” (1.3 116-122). Shylock recalls many times Antonio refused to show him kindness, and now Antonio needs a favor from him, Shylock is not eager to show him kindness. Also Lacelet tell Jessica that because her father was a Jew, she will be damned. Lancelet says to Jessica, “Therefore be o’ good cheer, for truly I think you are damned…..” (3.5 5-6). His belief that she is
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