The Merchant Of Venice By William Shakespeare

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Talia Warshawsky Ms. Rembert CGI English 11 HH 12 November 2014 Crashing Thru Venice William Shakespeare, possibly the most esteemed writer of all time, wrote a play titled The Merchant of Venice, near the end of the 1500 's. The play takes place in Venice, and while it can be described as what we now call a "romantic comedy," it also draws attention to the harsh divides in the Venetian society brought on by conflicting beliefs and religions. Centuries later, in the early 2000 's, Paul Haggis wrote and directed a film called Crash, that follows multiple different characters (all of different backgrounds and races) as they meet and interact with each other, in overwhelmingly violent situations. Each character is either oppressed, oppresses someone else, or both, resulting in a cycle of racism, similar to the cycle of religious bigotry present in The Merchant of Venice. Haggis 's Oscar award winning movie Crash serves as a modern retelling of Shakespeare 's timeless play Merchant of Venice as they are based on the similar theme of an endless cycle of racism and the characters in both pieces are subject to the same marginalizing society, and therefore develop in the same way. Both Merchant of Venice and Crash emphasize the idea that discrimination, violence, and racism present in society are constant and limitless. Shakespeare wrote his play for a smaller audience than that of Haggis, making it simpler to appeal to the reader, yet the outcome is the same. The Merchant of
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