The Merchant of Venice and Shylock Offering

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Many different people can be good or bad or might seem good but actually bad or the other way around. In The merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, shylock, the money lending Jew, is seen more like a villain then a victim. Shylock is a villain because he cares more about his money then he cares about his daughter, he is not merciful towards shylock and hewants a pound of flesh from Antonio for hi revenge. First of all shylock is a villain because he cares more about his ducats then his daughter, Jessica. Shylock cares more about his money then his daughter because when Jessica left home with Lorenzo, that she planned to elope with, shylock was really mad because his daughter left but mostly he was mad because she left with a lot of…show more content…
This quote is Shylock offering to Antonio the money interest free but under the condition of one pound flesh if he does not repay in time “Expressed in the condition, let the forfeit/be nominated for an equal pound/Of your fair flesh to be cut off and taken”(I.iii.151-153). Shylock wanted revenge towards Antonio for what he had done so he made this bond this proves that shylock is a villain In conclusion, Shylock is a villain since he does not care about his daughter more then his money and he wants revenge on Antonio by getting a pound of flesh. Like you can see in the merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, Shylock is seen as a horrible man. People are good or bad those this mean they were born that way or you get bad or good later on in life. Works cited Shakespeare, William. The merchant of Venice. Ed. Louis B. Wright and Virginia A. Lamar New York: Simon and Schuster Inc, 1957.
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