The Mere Presence Of Black And White Faces

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According to Jennifer Eberhardt (2004), the mere presence of black individuals, is associated with violence and crime. She stated that, “Not only are Blacks thought of as criminal, but also crime is thought of as Black” (Eberhardt, 2004). It is also quite disturbing that these finding were found consistently and frequently. Psychologist Jennifer L. Eberhardt, confirms this theory, collaborating with Phillip Atiba Goff, Valerie J. Purdie, and Paul G. Davies. They performed a study using police officers, as well as college students as participants (Eberhardt, Goff, Purdie, & Davies, 2004). They performed five different studies and the results were all consistent. In the first study they used pictures of black and white faces, then they were shown unclear objects and asked to identify them. After concluding the first study, they found that, “mere exposure to Black faces facilitated the detection of crime-relevant objects” (Eberhardt et al., 2004). The second Study was performed in a similar nature. Using images of crime related weapons and face stimuli, they found that the neutral images of crime related weapons became identified with blackness. During study three, they used neutral words instead of images, to test a neutral factor that was considered positive. During this the study, evidence stated that blacks were also identified as being athletic and musically gifted. In study four, they decided to test police officers and their ability to remember and identify
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