The Merger Between Alcatel Lucent And Nokia

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The two technology giants will focus on bringing services and transport to the next-generation “5G”. The development will bring revenues to the R&D
[Research and Development] department in engineering the development of
5G for the Internet of Everything (April 15, 2015). Nokia 's mobile network will be built on an Alcatel-Lucent 's history that can date back to the 19th the century which is viewed as a national asset. This will create a leading global network ahead of Ericsson, who currently hold this title. The approval was given by the French, under the condition the merger will not create a

drastic change, and it will guarantee jobs and increase development in R&D.

Problem Behind the Merger

The merger between
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We are going to see is a complete transformation where we’re talking more about connectivity for machines so that they can transform our lives and deliver services much faster and much quicker than we could ever perceive.
Today with 4G there’s higher latency in the network, so this is the amount of time it takes to transmit data from the device to the network, and back again with 5G that communication path that will allow the customer to communicate much quicker and the customer will be able to control machines. Nokia states that the latency of the network improves the communication between the machines which is critical for future networks. Nokia’s view on future needs for society for humanity. What we’re going to see is a transformation of Nokia’s existing technologies to automate everything so you can imagine healthcare automotive or in the mining industry or in other areas where that are very critical or dangerous for humans we can send a machine in and control them remotely over a 5G wireless network because of the low latency in the network so a huge transformation in the way Nokia utilize their network and Nokia can control and do with their machines.
As the world moves into the industry 4.0 era and a fully digital economy the demands on networks will change and grow. The Internet of Things, billions of devices and machines will be connected. 5G networks will further expand the possibility.
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