The Merger Of Two Competing Hospitals

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This case study is about the merger of two competing hospitals, Porter Regional Medical Center (PRMC) and Banner Regional Medical Center (BRMC). PRMC is located on the east side of town, the 188,000 square foot facility sits on 63 acres of land, and houses 110 hospital beds. BRMC is located on the west side of town, the 561,366 square foot facility contains 154 beds, and sits on 6 acres of land. BRMC is faced with the dilemma of aging facilities. It has been granted the funds to renovate the facility with the completion of the project ending in the next three years. Last year PRMC suffered a one million dollar loss, which caused the organization to liquidate. The CEO’s from both organization were interviewed to determine who would be appointed as CEO for the new hospital. Through rigorous evaluation of each candidates Pat Herman was selected; Herman’s comprehensive experience includes 20 years as an administrator. The new CEO is now battling with the strategic planning of the merger of the two hospitals. He must construct a new mission statement, adapt to culture changes, and adjust to leadership styles. Additionally he needs to reconfigure medical personnel and board of directors, as well as prepare for patient overload as the new facility is being constructed. The major problems within this case study are the strategic planning. The hospital is facing a crisis of patient overload due to the three year renovation that BRMC had planned because of the aging facilities. PRMC
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