The Merger of Two Competing Hospitals Essay

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The Merger of Two Competing Hospitals
August 1, 2010
As per your request I have created an action plan to resolve the issues that could affect the efficient merge of PRMC and BRMC. This memo shows how to best resolve leadership, culture adaptation, human resource management and benefits issues.

What specific steps should the board take to create an executive team to manage the newly created organization?
- To follow the merger plan, the transitional executive team including the previous CEO of PRMC and the newly elected 15 member hospital board, should be given interim positions for the next 3 years to effectively facilitate and complete the merger. The team will deal with
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- First and foremost Pat Harman and the newly formed executive team need to clearly define the vision and mission statements of the consolidated hospital.
- Second step is to clearly communicate the vision and mission statements to staff through training and development programs. There should be designated training coordinators, responsible for coordinating the provision of training of staff either on site or at remote locations. The goal is employees to become loyal to the newly consolidated hospital.
- A symbol representing the union and a new logo should be created. Employees will feel more connected if they share a common vision and mission.
- In order to keep employee morale, the executive team should communicate to employees the policy that no workers would be laid off as a result of the merger.
- They should clearly explain the merger process in public meetings and state what steps will they take to increase and maintain quality of services as well as how do they intend to keep the healthcare costs from increasing.

How should the duplication of services and departments be handled?
- A job analysis is needed to avoid duplication of tasks and responsibilities across positions and to clarify individual responsibilities. For every position established at Portsmith Regional Medical Center there should be an estimate of the number of staff members needed to carry
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