The Mess : Artist Always Skip South Australia

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Innovation Mess: Artist always skip South Australia Introduction: The Mess Over the past number of years, artists have always seemed to skip coming to South Australia and play sideshows in Adelaide when booked for a festival. Some big name artists also seem to skip Adelaide when coming to Australia on tour, such as Kendrick Lamar, Avicii, Fleetwood Mac and Tyler The Creator. This can seem like a bit of an insult to people who live in South Australia at times and make the people who are into the particular music scene feel left out. It is not always the artist’s fault when they decide where to come play, it is often their managers’ decision. This leads me to become more curious about why artists always skip Adelaide and never skip…show more content…
This is also the reason why stage production of the festival in Adelaide is so small. This can be seen when figure a (FOMO Adelaide) and figure B (FOMO Gold Coast) are compared. As you can clearly see from taking a quick glance at both festival sites with very similar lineups, the gold coast venue got a lot more people attending with the same amount of promoting and marketing. This clearly shows that there is something that hinders people from attending artist shows and festivals in Adelaide, which isn 't there in cities like Brisbane or Melbourne. The manager of the festival and I had a word and he said that the only reason they are bringing the festival to South Australia is so that they can use Adelaide as a testing ground and see if there is much potential for future events. The turnout was better than expected for this festival but still no where near as good as the other sites. Ever since the festival, BBE has been bringing in artist shows to Adelaide, such as Diplo, which I also worked on primarily as a marketing assistant, and his show was a lot bigger in the other cities as well, with higher stage production, more lights and a lot more crowd interaction. After speaking to the manager and the CEO of the events company, I collected valuable information about the age demographics when comparing Adelaide to a city like Sydney. According to the manager of

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