The Message Of Jesus Christ

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“But who do you say that I am?” (Mark 8:29). This same question that was asked of Peter and the disciples speaks within the heart of each person we share the Gospel message with. There comes a point, at the crux of our catechesis, where the question, “Who is Jesus?” needs to be answered. “At the heart of catechesis we find, in essence, a Person, the Person of Jesus of Nazareth.” (CT 5). This compelling statement given by Pope John Paul II in his exhortation, Catechesi Tradendae, calls catechists to always remember the purpose of catechesis. They are to help lead others, through loving example and careful communication of doctrine, to meet a real Person, the Person of Jesus Christ and foster a deeper union with the Blessed Trinity. To proclaim the message of Jesus Christ is vital to an organic catechesis. As catechists, it is our vocation to bring others to know of the personal relationship that God is seeking to have with each one of them. A relationship in any facet of the human life requires conversation through both listening and responding. Our catechesis should be no different. As Pope Francis states in Evangelii Gaudium, “It is the message capable of responding to the desire for the infinite which abides in every human heart” (EG 165). As we actively listen to the word of God, we should be “cut to the heart” (Acts 2:37) in the same way as those who heard Peter’s Pentecost speech as he boldly proclaimed the kerygma. Catechesis is not to be a teaching of each
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