The Message of Courage in Schindler's List by Thomas Keneally

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The Message of Courage in Schindler's List by Thomas Keneally Throughout the novel of Schindler’s List, by Thomas Keneally, the message of courage is portrayed greatly. Keneally was a gentile man who wrote about how bad the Holocaust was, even-though he was not Jewish. He tells a story of how one man successfully saved thousands of Jews by letting them work for him. Keneally wrote about how helping someone pays off and by letting someone have a second chance which gives them a sense of hope in times of hardship. When Schindler was helping out Jews, Germany was taken over by Hitler’s Nazis. In times of hardship, some people stand up for the people in need and protect and help them. Oskar Schindler, a rich factory owner, risks his…show more content…
He wants the reader to know how life was exactly like for people throughout the years of change in Europe. Due to the volatile times, the European powers had to build up their military and by training soldiers for maneuvers all spring and summer, this made them battle-ready. Keneally wants to show the reader exactly how something happened and by doing this it draws the reader’s attention. He does this by using factual events in his work, which also makes it so people can relate to what he is saying since they had experienced or learned about this time. Keneally shows how writing with description captivates the reader’s attention because of the factual events in his work. Throughout the novel, Oskar Schindler has many conflicts with the Nazis. He has to always protect his workers by telling the Nazis that all people work for him. His workers are primarily Jewish and he had to save them from being executed because of their race. Oskar had to persuade Nazis to let his workers be on a day to day basis. “Don’t touch any of my workers!”(101) This shows how Oskar wants to keep his workers intact and he wants to spare their lives since it was a time of religious persecution due to the uprising of Hitler. Oskar is shown to be a caring person and he always has conflicts and shows how is ingenuity lets him prevail without his

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