The Message of God to the Feelings of the Congregation

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When I was in school in literature class we would be given reading assignments. A paper with questions about the reading material would sometimes be given; usually things about what the author was trying to convey. “What does the lamp symbolize?” “What is the author saying when . . .” Questions like that.
The other day I was looking over one of my grandchildren’s reading assignments. He was to read a chapter in a book and answer five questions. Every one of the questions was about how the reader felt. “How do you feel when . . .” was the beginning of every question.
Evidently the emphasis has changed from what an author is trying to say to how does the reader feel? I find this odd; can any answer be wrong? If something makes someone feel sad but another person angry can we truly say which is correct? Then what about the message of the author? Yes, an author wants to stir emotions in his readers but there is story, or message, that is the purpose to putting pen to paper.
I have discovered this phenomenon occurring in churches as well, with the emphasis in recent decades moving from the message of God to the feelings of the congregation.
The 18th and 19 centuries brought us the greatest revivals Christianity has ever seen. Edwards, Finney, Moody, Spurgeon, Whitfield and others preached and people were saved by the dozens, hundreds and thousands. If you go back and read the writings and sermons of the preachers of the day there is one main topic: Jesus…
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