The Message of Gwendolyn Brooks' We Real Cool

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The Message of Gwendolyn Brooks' "We Real Cool" "We Real Cool" is a short, yet powerful poem by Gwendolyn Brooks that sends a life learning message to its reader. The message Brooks is trying to send is that dropping out of school and roaming the streets is in fact not "cool" but in actuality a dead end street. Brooks conveys her message in an ironic manner, which is presented in the title of the poem. Before actually reading the 10 line poem the first thing that grabs the reader's attention is the title. After reading the title "We Real Cool" one would assume that the intent of the poem is going to be about a group of people who are fortunate and live a flamboyant lifestyle. This is not the case for the "seven players" in Brooks's…show more content…
The language used coincides with the player's lack of education. This is evident in the poem when we are told they "left school." We later learn that instead of attending school the players go to a pool hall. The name of the pool hall, "Golden Shovel" contributes to the theme of the poem. The golden shovel has a deeper meaning and serves as a symbol. The so called "Golden" lifestyle of the players will eventually cost them their lives. In return they will eventually be ["shoveled"] in their grave. Several of the lines in Brooks's poem begin with words that start with the same consonant letter; this is an example of alliteration. The [l] sound in lurk-late, the [str] sound in strike-straight, and the [j] sound in jazz-June. The alliteration used allows the poem to flow smoothly. Brooks makes great use of rhyme throughout the poem. She uses words such as "cool", "school", "sin", and "gin." These are external rhymes which appear at the end of lines. The rhyme scheme used compliments the theme, since it is the directed towards a young audience. The reason we know that Brooks is trying to attract a young crowd is because she is talking about youth who are suppose to be attending school. The poem is given an up tempo beat, almost like a rap. This rap like sound may also help attract young readers. This poem describes the lifestyle of young rebels. They are "cool' having left "school", and "die soon." The seven
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