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Many people give the thrash metal band Metallica the cold shoulder whenever they hear their name in conversation. Most go right to thinking of The Black Album and how it worked its way onto the radio waves, and that Metallica is a run-of-the-mill metal band that got lucky by writing a more mainstream album. However, since the early 1980’s they were already fairly well known around the world even having not really written songs appropriate for radio play. Most fans of the band before their mainstream approach can be found online scolding them for this very reason. Metallica symbolized the idea that someone could be successful without compromising themselves, or “selling out”. This was in part why so many could familiarize with their music.…show more content…
Already being known, Metallica moved its center of operation to San Francisco. This was where they began to set up an enormous underground fan base. Having the advantage of coming first before most thrash bands and also releasing albums before most of them were on the map meant great success. By 1984 Metallica had already released “Kill ‘Em All” and “Ride the Lightning” and later that year signed with Elektra Records. By 1988 Metallica released “…And Justice for All” and by that time their underground fan following was colossal. Also, having the song “One” from that album made into a music video aided in their media coverage. This song had been the first true song of theirs to be heard on mainstream radio stations. By the arrival of “The Black Album” Metallica was huge of course, but wanted to take it a step further. They changed their sound and abandoned almost all of their thrash metal roots to a majority of songs that were radio-friendly. The shorter-length songs as well as prevalence of ballads made it a commercial success. Many of their hardcore underground fans felt that Metallica had turned their backs on their fan base and were now a mainstream heavy metal act. Older records still sold quite well due to their choice to continue playing their songs at live events. Some of the raised interest in their previous albums was also due to many people now discovering Metallica from The Black Album. Metallica
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