The Metamorphosis, A Hunger Artist, And The Trial

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Throughout life, events occur and mold us. Events that hold many achievements and hardships. Events that causes us to adapt, hopefully, for the better. Events that becomes experiences, which we learn from and evolve into a wiser self. However, these inspiring words and pithy phrases are more suited for those who seek a generic answer. While we have these moments of triumph and success, we also have terrors that reside on the opposite side of the spectrum. Moments of lasting pain and trivial endeavors that leave an imprint on us unlike the moments of joy. It is through man’s isolation and pain that tell us not to talk to strangers or play with fire. Unfortunately, it is difficult to explain the feelings of pain than it is of joy. Franz Kafka explores these feelings. Franz Kafka journeys and displays the complicated genre of alienation and psychological tribulation of mankind in his stories, The Metamorphosis, A Hunger Artist, and The Trial. On July 3, 1883, Franz Kafka was born to a mother who was oblivious to his ambitions and to a father who held the family with vises. In the city of Prague, where he was born, he saw the true face of his father within his household (Franz, par 1). A man who controlled everything and trivialized the aspect of creativity and imagination. During school and work, he always aspired to become a writer. However, he needed to have a stable job to continue his hobby of writing. Through his father’s personality, Kafka derived his stories and his

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