The Metamorphosis By Frank Kafka

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The Metamorphosis is a short novella written by Frank Kafka during the 20th century Modernism period. The Modern period introduced technological advances like the steam engine; the telephone and telegraph connected humans from different regions and help improve the human experience. Although the increase of these technological devices led to an improvement of the human condition it also led to the production of dangerous weapons and modern warfare. Global conflicts ravaged modern life due to increasing shifts in political powers. WW1 and WW2 were major conflicts that yielded death and caused many individuals to experience isolation and loneliness. Many writers during the 20th century conveyed that spirit of isolation and despair within the arts of literature. Kafka’s The Metamorphosis expressed the true nightmarish and unpleasant aspects of modern life. A predominant theme that appears throughout Kafka’s Metamorphosis is the feeling of isolation within the family. Gregor’s metamorphosis caused a psychological distance between him and his family. After Gregor’s transformation, he looks at his room and feels somewhat uncomfortable. He expresses his room as “regular human room,” not meant for insects or recently transformed ones. After Gregor’s change, he alienates himself from his family and continues to imprison himself within his room. His metamorphosis eventually separates him from any aspect of humanity. Kafka’s usage of isolation within the Metamorphosis relates to his
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