The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

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“The Metamorphosis”, by Franz Kafka, is a mystical tale about a young businessman who awakes one morning to find his physical appearance transformed. His family and business associates fear his transformation and take immediate action by locking him in his room. For the following months, his young sister cares for his wellbeing and survival by tending to his needs. However, as time passes by, the inconveniences of caring for Gregor create tension and irritability that ultimately leads to drastic measures in some circumstances. As the tale comes to an end, he passes away due to severe neglect. Moreover, despite all the hardships he faces; he dies with fond memories of their love. By analyzing Kafka’s use of literary elements, Gregor’s ambiguous transformation can be concluded as the direct result of the superior authorities he encounters throughout his life and his negligence and passiveness towards those leads to the loss of his individuality. Through the use of characterization Gregor’s motives, thoughts, and actions can be analyzed further defining his mysterious transformation. Once completely aware of his metamorphosis, Gregor does not seem to concern himself with the change. He is immediately worried about how his boss will react to his tardiness. Gregor shows no care for his own personal needs, showing complete and utter selflessness. Kafka introduces this behavior when he awakens to find himself transformed and is immediately concerned with his duties to his
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