The Metamorphosis By Gregor Samsa

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The Metamorphosis is a story of the transformation of an urban family through the shocking alteration of family breadwinner, Gregor Samsa. Gregor 's position profoundly changes his self-feelings as well as his relationship with his family. This change of events drastically alters the family 's lifestyle and metamorphoses each member. Gregor 's sister, Grete, starts with utmost admiration which stagnates into resentment. His father starts off headstrong and grows weary. His mother 's cheer turns into doubt. The Metamorphosis not only illustrates the profound changes in Gregor, but those of Grete, Mrs. Samsa and Mr. Samsa. Many of these changes occur within the minds of Gregor and his family but are also influenced by the scenarios that trouble them throughout the story. After reading The Metamorphosis, it is clear that Gregor is not the only one who undergoes changes; each of his family members are transformed as well. Gregor and his physical transformation into a bug might have been unexpected but his response was even more peculiar. Prior to the transformation, his efforts to be the sole provider became expected rather than truly appreciated. The textbook states, “They gratefully took receipt of his money, which he willingly handed over, but there was no longer any particular warmth about it” (Kafka 224). Gregor took on a job in order to keep the family financially stable. One article states, “Gregor took a job with one of his father 's creditors and became a traveling…
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