The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

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Many believe the purpose of life should be to carry out certain responsibilities. Success of these duties creates good feelings and a reason for living, but failure triggers deep remorse. In “The Metamorphosis“, Franz Kafka depicts an absurd tale featuring a central character so used to dwelling similar to an insect and burdened with guilt that these qualities of his life take over and cause his downfall. Throughout the novella, Gregor’s main reason for existing had been solely to support his family, which explains his fretting about missing the train for work. When he first became the main source of income, his parents expressed gratitude, but this gradually diminished until Gregor no longer felt happiness or content in sustaining them, only guilt if he would not be able to support them. While working, his “…only concern had been to use everything he had in order to allow his family to forget as quickly as possible the business misfortune which had brought them all into a state of complete hopelessness,” (25). Work took over his life, and when he could not work, Gregor had no determination for life. He could not aide his family as an insect and afflicts himself with guilt when they mention their financial problems or jobs they have to take on. A constant pressure always resided on Gregor to take care of both his family and job, and with too many people dictating his life, he became an insect, occupying himself meaninglessly. By the end, Gregor has entirely lost his

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