The Metamorphosis notes Essay

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AP/IB English: Major Works Data Sheet Title: The Metamorphosis Author: Franz Kafka Date of Publication:1915 Genre: fiction Biographical information about the author 1833-1924 Born into a middle class German speaking Jewish family in Prague. Antagonistic relationship with his father. Close relationship with sister: Ottla Sent to German Schools, good academically Best friend was , Max Brod Family used him for his money Had clinical depression, social anxiety mental instability and tuberculosis Historical information about period of publication In the time of Kafka the division between Czech and German speaking people in Czechoslovakia was big. Jewish people did not fit in very well with either of the groups. All groups…show more content…
Shows how Gregor is trying to hold on to the last bit of his humanity, the picture from his past, of a woman. Shows how isolated Gregor is. Outside it is light but where he is it is dark. Shows themes of dark vs. light and isolation. His family is so revolted by him, they won’t even have the heart or the stomach to take out the apple that is injuring and hurting him so much. More isolation. Grete has become a woman, gone through her own metamorphosis thanks to Gregor’s. Characters (Major and Minor) Name Role in story Significance Adjectives Gregor Samsa Mr. Samsa Mrs. Samsa Grete Office Manager 2nd Cleaning Lady The Boarders Turns into cockroach, main character Gregor’s father Gregor’s mother Gregor’s sister Gregor’s colleague New cleaning lady for family Stay in Samsa house Goes through the metamorphosis, we see how the family goes through it too because of him. He is not accepting of Gregor in his new form, brutal man, abusive of Gregor before financially. In the end she is the only one who still loves him, tries to accepts him Close with Gregor at first, cleans up after him, in the end doesn’t care about him. Wants to know why Gregor didn’t go to work, afraid of his cockroach self
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