The Metaphysical Realm Of Garbage

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The Metaphysical Realm of Garbage My volunteer experience at Howling Timbers included cleaning and preparing meals for the animals using expired produce donated from local grocery stores. My work started with sorting the new shipments of goods into categories and rotating them with the old, molding fruits and vegetables that would get used in the evening. During meal preparation, I cut off the fuzzy, moldy, slimy, and decomposing parts of the fruit and vegetables and put the salvageable portions into food bins for the horses, pigs, donkeys and sugar gliders, the scraps into a compost pile. I asked Brenda if larger corporations gave Howling Timbers their expired produce and learned that the food donations at Howling Timbers come from local grocery stores. Brenda explains to the managers at these larger grocers that the food they receive is only for animal consumption. Still, they deny her the food and dispose of their expired goods in the dumpster— out of sight, out of mind. Slavoj Zizek says in “Examined Life” that “Part of our daily perception of reality is that this [shit/garbage] disappears from our world. When you go to the toilet, shit disappears. You flush it. Of course, rationally you know it 's there in canalization and so on, but at a certain level of your most elementary experience, it disappears from your world” (Zizek, 2008). In a metaphorical sense, thoughts are like garbage. Perhaps, these large corporations know that the products they dispose of will go to

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