The Method Of Constructing Meaning From Print And From Other Symbols

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Reading is the procedure of constructing meaning from print and from other symbols (Hill, 2012, p. 161). It plays an important role in people’s daily lives. Without reading properly, people will be struggled in common duties, for example, responding to messages or reading newspapers. Through readings, children can receive a wide range of information around the world, for instance, children can enhance their vocabulary list and know more about this world so it is important that teachers help students to improve their reading skills which helps them to become a successful reader. Moreover, effective reading instruction brings a variety of benefits to students who learned effective key skills and strategies about reading. Becoming literate is a developmental process that begins in a child’s life through interactions with family members or educators in a variety of settings (Seely, Kitson & Lowe, 2014, p. 176). There are six components which are the basis skills of learning to read that children need to understand when they reading. Through the reading process, students can build the oral language facility, and contains both specific skill development as phonemic and decoding strategies and the use of comprehension strategies (Konza, 2010, p. 1). First, oral language is the basis for children learning to read. Sousa stated that How well and how quickly a child learns to read even common words depends a great deal on how well that child has acquired and practised spoken
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