The Method Of The Pico

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PICO concept The PICO is a clinical hypothesis that focuses on the patient population or problem, the intervention, comparing intervention and the type of outcomes seen with the interventions. The patient population can be focused to a specific age group or group of people with a common health issue. An intervention is implemented to address the common age group or health issue for that patient population. Then another comparing intervention is necessary to evaluate if one or the other is better or worse. Then the outcome checks the consequences on how the interventions worked for that specific patient population. This clinical question can be a guide to inquire about a “clients’ health concerns, new treatment or diagnostic modalities, new or alternative procedures, and preventative health issues” (Facchiano and Snyder, 2015). It is used as a clinical guiding question for this paper. The PICO is a widely used tool often used in research studies. One study by Methley, Campbell, Chew-Graham, McNally, & Cheraghi-Sohi, evaluated the types of studies that use the PICO tool with other tools such as the SPIDER tool and the PICOS tool for systematic review searches (2014). They found that more search articles were found using the PICO tool in the Ovid MEDLINE, Ovid EMBASE, and EBSCO CINAHL Plus databases (2014). Knowing that more studies uses PICO tool than other forms of clinical questioning shows that this tool can be effective in questioning evidence based practice

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