The Methodological Approaches Of Research Approach And The Research Strategy

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3.0 Methodology 3.1 Introduction Previous chapter describes the methodological approaches used to arrive at the aims and objectives of this study. This chapter is divided into seven parts. The first part explains the research philosophy used in this survey outlining the philosophical foundation that guided this research. The second part describes the research approach and the research strategy. The third part illustrates the instruments used in this study. The forth part describes the sampling strategy used in this section. The fifth part outlines the data collection approaches used in the research. The sixth part explains the approach used in conducting data analysis. The remaining parts explain the measures taken to ensure reliability of data collected and the ethical considerations that were taken during the study. As a whole, this chapter provides an overview into how the research was approached and executed. 3.2 Research Philosophy .Knowledge and arguments in particular are developed based on a person’s individualised view of the environments and activities within it. According to Flower (2009), it is these individualised views that constitute what is referred to as research philosophy. Basically, research philosophy is the approach taken in construction of knowledge and by extension research. According to Saunders et al. (2009), there are three main types of research philosophy namely: interpretivism, positivism and realism. In this particular study an interpretivist
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