The Methods Of Collecting Data

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Research Method Task 1 In present day, to do one research requires several big steps. These big steps contains with research question (hypothesis), data collection, and data analysis, also with the characteristics of errors avoidance (Gerrard, 2014). There are several kinds of research, the main kinds of research such as Academic research, Real-world research, and Laboratory research. This essay will focus on Management research, also will be explained the results of analysis the methods that used in twelve management research journals, and compare the patterns that have been used in those journals. First point that will make in this essay is about the methods of collecting data. To gain the results and conclusion for hypotheses, there…show more content…
From this result, it illustrates that most of research have adopted quantitative data to analyze the hypothesis. Quantitative research should have fixed planning design before collecting data, while Qualitative research are more flexible and could change the procedures once the project begins (Gerrard, 2014). From the article, the methods that these journals apply for collecting quantitative data, most of the journals used database that collected from certain organizations, and conducted survey from participants to be their main sources. For qualitative data, in this article the ways that these journals using for data collection were interview and observation of the participants. Second point is about the methodology that these journals used to analyze the data after the collection to find out the results of the research. The similarities of the journals that have been found, almost all of the journals that use quantitative data for analysis were using descriptive statistic and correlation. Descriptive statistics are also known as “Summary statistics” there are the approaches of summarization of a set of data. Also descriptive statistics separate into two measures, which are measures of central of central tendency, and measures of variability. In term of correlation, correlation coefficients are the method to explain the relationship between two variables and also express the strength in their
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