The Methods Of Data Collection

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Introduction Collecting primary data can be as challenging as a researcher allows it to be. “Most methods of data collection can be used across studies that are classified as qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods. As a matter of fact, the way a specific method is employed for data collection determines the classification of a study to a large extent” (Kumar, 2014, Page 170). The primary data that is collected should be data that a person not only understands, but data that they can clearly analyze. Given the option, the non-experimental methodology seemed to be most comfortable. Lamentations 3:40 states, “Let us search and try our ways, and turn again to the Lord” (KJV). The qualitative method was chosen as the type of data that would be researched. It is important that while collecting data for a research paper, the researcher knows the type of data in which their research paper will consist of. “Qualitative study designs are not as specific, precise and well defined as designs in qualitative research. Also, there is degree or overlap between study designs and methods of data collection. Some of the commonly used designs in qualitative research are: case study design, oral history, focus group studies, participant observation, commonly discussion forums and the reflective journal log” (Kumar, 2014, Page 161). While the researcher is in the process of collecting their primary data, they should know the type of data they are searching for, personally observe the data…
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