The Methods Of Social Engineering Attacks

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Presentation Rational Purpose: The purpose of this presentation is to inform and educate my audience on the various methods of social engineering attacks because hacking of personal and company accounts and website is in the increase. I want my audience to be able to list and explain three types of social engineering attacks. My central Idea is that social engineering attacks awareness mitigates victimization. Intend Audience: For this presentation, my intended audience consists of people with personal and or job related email account. This topic would also be beneficial to everyone with an email account. The topic is also appropriate for those on social media and anyone concerned about being a victim of social engineering attacks and the hacking of personal account. Significance: This topic is very significant to my audience because of the rise of cyber attacks at individual to national level. Ignorance of social engineering attack methods makes on a weak link where social engineering attacks can compromise individual, company, state and federal records Presentation Plan 1. Introduction: a. Audience Hook: According to the FBI News on National Cyber Security Awareness Month in October 3 2016 paragraph 1, (, personally identifiable information of thousands of Americans has been compromised by sophisticated cyber criminals who attacked businesses and the public in general. b. Thesis Statement:

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