The Methods and Circumstances of Hitlers Rise to Power

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Jakob Rasmussen
December 3rd 2010

The Methods and Circumstances of Hitler’s Rise to Power

After Germany’s defeat in the First World War. Germany were forced to sign a treaty called the Treaty of Versailles that limited Germany’s power extensively. The treaty stated penalties such as the loss of German soil, a great minimization of Germany’s army and navy and of course Germany was forced to pay for the reparations of the destruction they had caused in the war. This penalty left Germany in a terrible state and caused a depression through out the entire country. Money became worthless due to inflation and millions of German people were un-employed. Many German’s hated the weimar constitution and blamed them for all the problems
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Hitler received a five years imprisonment. However, the beer hall putsch was successful for the Nazis in many ways. The actions at the beer hall launched the Nazis to a national scene which caused Hitler and the Nazis fame all over the country. During Hitlers trail. Hitler impressed many people with his public speech due to his nationalistic pride and belief in Germany. Also his accusations towards the “treasonable” weimar republic bestowed Hitler with fame through out the German people. Hitlers imprisonment conditions were excellent as he was placed in a private room at Landsberg castle. During Hitlers imprisonment, Hitler spent most of his time writing his book, “Mein Kampf” (my struggle), which he wrote all his ideas and goals of the Nazi party. In his book, Hitler began to think of new ways for the Nazis to regain power, democracy. Hitler realized that power in Germany could not be achieved by force but through a more political method. The Reichstag.

Hitlers realization of political and democratic methods caused success for the Nazis. The key factor that made the Nazis so popular in Germany was the support of the people. The Nazis gained the support by promising the people of Germany what they wanted. They also began to appeal to different social classes of people rather than all social classes as this aloud them to become more popular with one group of people. Also, aside from most political
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