The Metrics Of English Literature

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The Metrics of English

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The Metrics of English Fred: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to this lovely evening in the city of London in the world renowned Globe Theatre. Today we are joined by two guests, Sylvia Miller and Joseph Johnson and I am your host, Fred Phillips. Both our guests having many years of linguistics and literature experience will analyse several texts that belong to different stages of the English language and compare their ideas. Why may you ask? To discuss the points of comparison between linguistics and the aesthetic analysis of English literature and discover the underlying oral similarities of our language

Sylvia Miller is renowned for her understanding and interpretation of the aesthetic aspects of English literature throughout the periods Old English to the Modern English, ranging from 800 A.D, all the way to the twentieth century. Sylvia argues that the language is based on entertainment and that the enjoyment of the text lies in bringing out the beauty of the language and the craftsmanship of the author. And, as for Joseph Johnson, his insight and deconstruction of text and the English language through linguistics is able to magnify the origins of the text and how its historical context would have affected the language and style of writing. With this analysis, text and language becomes a historical timeline that contains the foundations of Modern English. With these two individuals tonight,
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