The Mexican American War : A Controversial Event

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The Mexican American War was a very controversial event. The Americans believed in their “Manifest Destiny” which prompted them to annex the territory of Texas which, in turn, initiated the war on April 25, 1846. Texas was annexed to the Union as a slave state on December 29, 1845. This upset all of the Free states along with the Mexicans but the Southerners were in favor of the war because it gave them more strength when fighting for slavery. While there were many different beliefs about the Mexican-American War throughout the United States, these beliefs generally were the same within a region.
What were New England’s opinions? The people in New England believed that the war was unnecessary and had been caused by the President of the United States. There were many reasons that they thought this. These people from the Northeast region of America were generally Whigs and disapproved of the democratic president James K. Polk. They also disliked him because their abolitionist beliefs did not line up with his love of slavery. New Englanders at the time of the Mexican War believed that it was the president’s fault that the war started. Pennsylvania was one of the states in New England that disapproved of the war and its origins. The Whigs that were living there and other places in New England thought that the president had abused his power to start the war. Describing the beliefs of the Whigs in New England, the Somerset Herald of Pennsylvania declared, “and they as…
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