The Mexican American War : A Forgotten Fight

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The Mexican-American War: A Forgotten Fight Thesis: The Mexican-American War was a leading factor in the cause of the American Civil War through the acquisition of new territory along with the concept of Manifest Destiny and the effects of this war can even be felt to this day. There were several factors that lead to the beginning of the war, some of which were political and others were violent. One of the political factors involved the relations between the United States and Mexico in the years leading up to the war. These relations were becoming increasingly strained as time went on. This was due to the fact that Texas, which was still independent at this time, rejected Mexico’s offer of recognition and instead accepted the U.S.’s offer of annexation which angered Mexican citizens according to former professor of history at the University of Texas Otis Singletary in his book The Mexican War (9). Also, General Mariano Paredes led a revolution in 1845 and became president of Mexico. His open hostility towards the U.S. destroyed any chance of compromise (10-11). Mexican citizens also felt a sense of security even with war looming. They felt that U.S. would not willingly fight and they believed that America had been weakened by internal disagreements (20-21). They also believed that the Mexican military was superior (21). On the American side, President James Polk was scheming to restore banished general Santa Anna to power in order to secure peace with Mexico (26). This

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