The Mexican American War : Causes Of The Mexican American War

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Southern desire to spread slavery went a long way in causing in the Mexican American war, this desire, along with expansion and power, were the main motivators of this fight. The South had wanted to spread its slavery empire westward into Texas through the annexation. Desire was a major factor in the decision to fight for Texas as during this time, a large amount of support was rallied behind the deciding forces. Expansion had meant that slavery would continue spreading westward, and these slaveholders were keen on achieving this goal. Power that came with the acquisition of Texas and the spread of the practice of slavery further motivated pro-annexationists to fight in a war. The following combined elements: desire, expansion, and power, drove slavery supporters so far as to go to war with Mexico in 1846. The Southerners desire for the spread of slavery played an integral part in the orchestration of the Mexican American War. As William Henry Harrison’s replacement, John Tyler caused a mess, and then urged for the annexation of Texas. After the success of the Webster-Ashburton treaty, he used the political momentum to led a campaign in 1843 with the help of Duff Green, a slavery supporter, to vilify Great Britain for their attempts in abolishing slavery in Texas. Then, in 1844 he attempted to secretly get a treaty ratified by the Senate which would’ve quietly annexed Texas to the United States. In The War in Texas, written in 1836 by Benjamin Lundy, Lundy stated
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